GoodData.CN: Collecting Diagnostics - Support Bundle

In case of an unexpected situation with GoodData.CN Growth and Enterprise which you are not able to resolve, you may be asked to provide logs from your Kubernetes cluster for investigation of the issue.

This guide describes how to gather the logs using an open-source application, written by Replicated. You can find the source code in this repository and documentation here.

Sensitive data like secrets are not collected, and other potentially sensitive data (usernames, passwords, IP addresses) are redacted.


Install krew plugin for kubectl:

curl -s | bash

Set PATH for the krew plugin:

export PATH="${PATH}:${HOME}/.krew/bin"

Run support bundle

Download the YAML file from this link or from GitHub and run it inside your Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl support-bundle <PATH to yaml file>

Collect the results

You will find a new file support-bundle-<<TIMESTAMP>>.tar.gz in the current directory. Send this file to GoodData support when requested.


This guide is not applicable to GoodData.CN CE!

If you are interested in GoodData.CN, please contact us.

Alternatively, test a trial version of GoodData Cloud — commitment-free.