Embedding via iFrame vs GD.UI DashboardView

Here are the basic pros and cons of embedding Dashboards using an iframe as opposed to integrating them using the <DashboardView /> GoodData.UI component.


  • Easy to set up
    • See the screenshot below for how to get the right URL
  • Standard HTML
    • No additional frameworks, tooling, or skills required
  • Generally low performance
    • Especially the initial load can be slow
  • Cumbersome interactivity
    • Communication between the iframe and its parent application is done via window.postMessage() method that by design comes with some pitfalls
  • May not comply with your security requirements
iframe setup 1
iframe setup 2

GD.UI <DashboardView /> Component

  • Requires frontend developer knowledge to set up
    • Basic React understanding is needed
  • Great performance
    • No different from the speed of the application where it’s integrated
  • Seamless interactivity
    • There are no boundaries as the dashboard becomes a native part of the application
  • No additional security aspects to consider
GD.UI DashboardView