Drilling Into Visualizations

GoodData KPI dashboards can be configured to respond to clicks by redirecting, or “drilling,” into other visualizations or dashboards. This can be a great tool for providing additional context to the end user.

Drill into Visualization

Drilling into another visualization allows the user to see more granular detail about metrics without having to search around for the information. For example, the drill feature can be used to further expand monthly revenue into how revenue was earned by product category. The filters (such as “Month”) applied to the metric where clicked are also applied to the drill into visualizations.

Look here for more detailed instructions on Drill into Visualization.

Drill into Dashboard

Similarly to drilling into another Visualization, drilling into a dashboard is a great way to provide users a view into further analytics into related data. For example, a user can be navigated from a “Customer Trend” visualization to the Customer details dashboard. Here, the user will see more granular information on Customer data beyond what is shown on the Overview dashboard where the original visualization is. Please note that date and attribute filtering from the origin dashboard will be passed onto the target dashboard.

Look here for more detailed instruction on Drill into Dashboard.