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Introduction to GoodData >

This eLearning course provides future users of GoodData the high-level knowledge required to implement a successful project, while also covering a wide variety of GoodData's key features. The objective is to transfer product-centric concepts, enabling participants to speak the same language as the implementation team during the implementation process, as well as get involved in the key decisions as early as possible. The course covers high-level business intelligence concepts, but will save a lot of the project and data-centric decisions for later training courses. It focuses on the key benefits of GoodData, showing how the application can be used to make sense of data through reports and dashboards, and how to collaborate effectively inside and outside of the product. It also shows how to get setup with the GoodData product, how to navigate the interface, manage projects, understand facts/attributes/metrics, setup reports and define dashboards. Any team members involved with the GoodData product will benefit from this training course.

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Front End Essentials >

This course builds on the product concepts covered in the Introduction course, and demonstrates how to use the GoodData application. After attending this course and the prerequisites, users will have the tools that they need to properly configure their GoodData environment, understand the report creation and visualization workflow, and create compelling dashboards. The target audience for this course is future GoodData administrators and report and dashboard authors/analysts.

MAQL Metrics >

The MAQL Metrics training course takes a "code by example" approach to explaining the Multi-Dimension Analytical Query Language used in GoodData. Participants will start with a fully populated data set and an empty project, and throughout the course will build metrics to produce a fully populated dashboard. The course comprehensively covers the syntax and functions in the MAQL Data Query Language (DQL), and the hands-on exercises mean that participants will leave this course understanding all that can be achieved with metrics in GoodData.

Data Modeling Essentials >

This course introduces the fundamentals of dimensional data modeling, creating logical data models in CloudConnect, and deploying them to the GoodData cloud platform. Using a blend of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, this course covers all the basic knowledge and skills you will need to start creating and deploying data structures that can be used effectively by the GoodData Business Intelligence Platform.
Dec 2 10:00AM - 01:00PM Pacific Standard Time Online Webinar (Americas) $ 600.00 USD Register

ETL Essentials >

This course introduces the features of the CloudConnect ETL through demonstrations and focused hands-on exercises using practical use case examples. The Cloud Connect Transformation (CTL2) is introduced along with techniques for testing and debugging ETL flows. By the end of the course, participants will be able to create CloudConnect ETL graphs to read source data, apply a variety of transformations including basic customization using CTL2, and write the data to GoodData datasets.

Dec 4 10:00AM - 01:00PM Pacific Standard Time Online Webinar (Americas) $ 600.00 USD Register

Advanced Data Modeling >

This course builds on the Data Modeling Essentials course and takes participants deeper into the challenges of dimensional modeling for complex data sources. The main focus is best practice for various use cases that are common to large business intelligence projects, with hands-on exercises focused on each use case. By the end of this training course, participants will be able to transform complex data requirements into practical logical data models using CloudConnect
Dec 9 10:00AM - 01:00PM Pacific Standard Time Online Webinar (Americas) $ 600.00 USD Register

Enterprise Implementation >

This course builds on the Data Modeling and ETL courses by presenting best practices and techniques for implementing projects that are maintainable and optimized for performance. By the end of this training course, participants will be able to apply optimization techniques to logical data models and to build ETL graphs using CloudConnect that are flexible and expandable as requirements and processing needs change.
Dec 11 10:00AM - 01:00PM Pacific Standard Time Online Webinar (Americas) $ 600.00 USD Register

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