Advanced ADS

Advanced Agile Data Warehouse Service (ADS)


This course builds on the Agile Data Warehouse Service Essentials course by providing a more detailed look at the architecture of the GoodData Agile Data Warehouse Service. Practical hands-on exercises are included to walk participants through application of best practices for projections, physical design, data loading, and performance tuning. By the end of the course, participants will be able to tailor ADS storage structures to the characteristics of their data warehouse and staging data.

Duration: 3 hours

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3 hours


Engineers responsible for loading data into GoodData


  • Introduction to Data Modeling and ETL course
  • ETL Essentials course
  • Data Modeling Advanced course
  • Agile Data Warehouse Service Essentials course
  • A basic understanding of SQL (i.e., ability to create tables, select data and perform simple updates)
  • CloudConnect Designer installed on your computer system
  • DBVisualizer installed on your computer system


  • Architecture Deep Dive
    • Distributed Columnar Database (Tables, Projections, Segmentation)
    • Logical Model vs. Physical Implementation
  • Best Practices
    • Simple Rules for Physical Model Design
    • Simple Rules for Data Modeling
    • Performance Tuning
  • Hands-on Exercises (spread throughout the course)
  • Certification Test Module (for those seeking GoodData Certification)

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