MAQL Metrics


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The MAQL Metrics training course takes a "code by example" approach to explaining Multi-Dimension Analytical Query Language (MAQL) used in GoodData. This course is designed for business analysts and administrators who will be primarily responsible for maintaining the GoodData project and creating essential reports. This course builds on the information presented in the Front End Essentials training course. After the instructor-led portion of the course, attendees will be given an exercise pack which will allow them to be hands-on and practice the concepts presented in a guided, structured environment.

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This course covers GoodData's MAQL language used for defining how to aggregate raw data to produce a given project's metrics. Topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to MAQL and Metrics
  • The project data model
  • Basic Aggregation and Counts
  • Filtering
  • Using date macros
  • Locking aggregation with BY clauses
  • Period-over-period reporting
  • NULL reporting
  • CASE Statements
  • Workarounds and best practices